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105 Aboriginal Peoples Act 1954 (Act 134) Malaysia
84 Act on Forestry Indonesia
45 Agreement on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Brunei Darussalam
25 Agricultural Pests and Noxious Plants Act Brunei Darussalam
102 Amended Land Law Lao PDR
104 Animal Act (Amended 2006) (Act 647) Malaysia
130 Animal Epidemics Act B.E. 2499 Thailand
80 Biological Agents and Toxins Act Singapore
116 Biosafety Act 2007 (Act 678) Malaysia
87 Buffaloes Act Brunei Darussalam
88 Buffaloes and Other Cattle (Restriction on Slaughter, Export and Transfer) Rules Brunei Darussalam
28 Burma Wildlife Protection Act & the Burma Wildlife Protection Rules Myanmar
140 Chainsaw Act of 2002 (RA 9175) Philippines
16 Clean Air Act (RA 8749) Philippines
79 Control of Plants Act Singapore
81 Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act Singapore
122 Coral Triangle Initiative Leaders' Declaration on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security Indonesia
50 Decree No.11/2002/ND-CP on Management of Import, Export and Transit of Wild Animals and Plants Viet Nam
59 Decree on Logging Ban Prime Minister Decree No. 67/PM Lao PDR
57 Decree on the Management and Protection of Wild Animals, Fisheries and on Hunting and Fishing Lao PDR
91 Destruction and Impoundment of Dogs (Authorised Departments) Notification, 1990 Brunei Darussalam
89 Dogs Act Brunei Darussalam
19 Ecological Solid Waste Management Act (RA 9003) Philippines
78 Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act Singapore
10 Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act B.E. 2535 Thailand
43 Environment ProtectionEnactment 2002 (Environment Protection (Prescribed Activities) Order 2005) Malaysia
13 Environmental Impact Assessment Law Philippines
56 Environmental Protection Law Lao PDR
133 Environmental Protection, Law on (1993) Viet Nam
107 Environmental Quality Act 1974 (Act 127) Malaysia
44 Environmental Quality Act, 1974 Malaysia
20 Executive Order 430 creating the National Committee on Biosafety of the Philippines Philippines
21 Executive Order 514 establishing the National Biosafety Framework, prescribing guidelines for its implementation, reorganizing the National Committee on Biosafety of the Philippines, and for other purposes. Philippines
146 Executive Order No. 899 Authorizing the Formation of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Implementation of the Philippine Action Plan on Enforcement of Environmental Law in Hotspots: Turtle Islands, Tawi-Tawi and Balabac, Palawan 2009-2013. Philippines
8 Export and Import of Goods to the Kingdom Thailand
126 Fauna Conservation Ordinance, 1963 Malaysia
120 Fisheries (Prohibited Areas) Rantau Abang Regulations 1991 Malaysia
3 Fisheries Act Singapore
112 Fisheries Act 1985 (Act 317) Malaysia
37 Fisheries Law Cambodia
26 Fisheries Order Brunei Darussalam
119 Fisheries Regulations (Prohibition of Method of Fishing) 1980 Malaysia
6 Fishery Act Thailand
131 Forest Act, B.E. 2484 (A.D. 1941) Thailand
23 Forest Enactment Brunei Darussalam
125 Forest Enactment, 1968 Malaysia
30 Forest Law Myanmar
5 Forestry Act B.E. 2484 Thailand
32 Forestry Law Cambodia
144 Freshwater Fisheries Law Myanmar
53 Government issued Decree No.81/2006/ND-CP Viet Nam
137 Heart of Borneo Declaration Brunei Darussalam
15 Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (RA 8371) Philippines
141 Intensifying the Protection of Whale Shark, Popularly known as "Butanding", in the Philippine Waters (AO No. 282 of 2010) Philippines
117 Land Conservation Act (Act 385) Malaysia
34 Land Law Cambodia
132 Land Readjustment Act, B.E. 2547 Thailand
86 Law Concerning Environmental Management (Law No. 23 of 1997) Indonesia
49 Law on Environmental Protection Viet Nam
33 Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management Cambodia
82 Law on Fisheries Viet Nam
46 Law on Forest Protection and Development Viet Nam
36 Law on Water Resources Management Cambodia
29 Marine Fisheries Law Myanmar
68 Marine Pollution Decree of 1974 (Presidential Decree No. 600) Philippines
65 Marine Pollution Decree of 1976 Philippines
67 Marine Pollution, Prevention, Containment, Abatement and Control (HPCG MC No. 03,1994) Philippines
83 Mineral Law (1996) Viet Nam
40 Mining Law Lao PDR
145 Myanma Marine Fisheries Law Myanmar
18 National Caves and Cave Resources Management and Protection Act (RA 9072) Philippines
142 National Environmental Awareness and Education Act of 2008 (RA 9512) Philippines
111 National Forestry Act 1984 (Act 313) Malaysia
14 National Integrated Protected Areas System Law (RA 7586) Philippines
7 National Parks Act Thailand
110 National Parks Act (Act 226) Malaysia
114 National Policy on Biological Diversity Malaysia
63 National Pollution Control Decree of 1976 Philippines
52 Ordinance on plant protection and quarantine Viet Nam
51 Ordinance on Plant Varieties Viet Nam
2 Parks and Trees Act Singapore
124 Parks Enactment 1984 Malaysia
108 Pesticides Act (Act149) Malaysia
85 Petroleum Act Indonesia
62 Philippine Mining Act of 1995 Philippines
60 Plant Pest Quarantine Law Myanmar
109 Plant Quarantine Act 1976 (Act 167) Malaysia
127 Plant Quarantine Act, 1976 Malaysia
129 Plant Quarantine Act, B.E. 2507 Thailand
4 Plant Varieties Protection Act Singapore
128 Plant Varieties Protection Act 2004 Singapore
11 Plant Varieties Protection Act B.E. 2542 Thailand
134 Praka No. 1033 on the Protection of Natural Areas Cambodia
41 Prakas (Declaration) on the Protection of Natural Areas Cambodia
93 Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Order, 2005 Brunei Darussalam
99 Prevention of the Pollution of the Sea Act Singapore
24 Protected Areas and Protected Places Act Brunei Darussalam
121 Protected Areas and Protected Places Act (Act 298) Malaysia
12 Protection and Promotion of Traditional Thai Medical Intelligence Act B.E. 2542 Thailand
115 Protection of New Plant Varieties Act 2004 (Act 634) Malaysia
106 Protection of Wildlife Act (Act 76) Malaysia
31 Protection of Wildlife, Wild Plants and Conservation of Natural Areas Law Myanmar
58 Provisions on Discharge of Wastewater from Factories Lao PDR
92 Registration of Dogs (Exemption) Notification Brunei Darussalam
90 Registration of Dogs (Fees) Rules Brunei Darussalam
69 Republic Act No. 3931 (An Act Creating the National Water and Air Pollution Control Commission) Philippines
61 Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines (PD No. 705, 1975, as amended) Philippines
55 Royal Decree on Designation of Animals and Plants as National Symbols of the Kingdom of Cambodia Cambodia
42 Royal Decree on the Establishment and Management of Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve Cambodia
35 Sub-decree on Community Forestry Management Cambodia
54 Sub-Decree on Forest and Non Timber Forest Products Allow for Export and Import Cambodia
27 The Burma Forest Act Myanmar
66 The Coral Resources Development and Conservation Decree Philippines
100 The Forestry Law (No. 01-96) Lao PDR
143 The Local Government Code of the Philippines Philippines
98 The National Parks Board Act Singapore
64 Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990 Philippines
39 Water and Water Resources Law Lao PDR
103 Waters Act 1920 (Act 418) Malaysia
1 Wild Animals and Birds Act Singapore
9 Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act Thailand
118 Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997 Malaysia
22 Wildlife Protection Act Brunei Darussalam
123 Wildlife Regulations 1998 Malaysia
17 Wildlife Resources and Conservation Protection Act (RA 9147) Philippines
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